About Me

My parents bought me my first camera when I was at school, back in the days of film (remember film?), I still have it, it’s still working and it still gets a trip out now and again.

I live in the lovely Cotswold town of Chipping Norton, sharing home and life with my fiancé Matt and a Cat called Smodge. Smodge is a rescue cat, adopted from the Cats Protection and I’m sure he started life with them called Smudge but a spelling mistake on the adoption papers changed that to Smodge and it’s stuck – it suits his personality, he refuses to conform to whatever an average cat should be.

  • I’m a coffee addict – there is no such thing as too strong
  • I love Marmite
  • I try to recycle as much as I can – Save The Planet
  • I hate animal cruelty.
  • I’m a blood donor.
  • I’m slightly OCD. Things have to be straight, the right way up, face the same way in drawers and all the pencils in my pencil-case (yes I do have a pencil-case) have to face the same way, that sort of thing.
  • I hoard. (You never know when it might come in handy do you?)

My photography style is relaxed and informal with a reportage approach. I want to tell the story of your wedding day, capturing the moments as they happen and the love, fun and emotions of your day.

Why should you hire me?

I find it easy to talk to anyone and put people at ease, helping them to relax when the camera is around.

I don’t like having my photograph taken. This may seem a strange thing for a photographer to say but it means I really do understand how hard it can be for some people to relax in front of a camera. With a more candid approach to your day I capture people when they are at their best, no fake smiles or forced poses, just you and your guests, relaxed, happy and looking great.

I try to be as unobtrusive as possible with nothing more than a little gentle direction if it’s ever needed.

If you want a few more formal shots let me know. I always ask if there are any people that you really want a photograph of in specific combinations and will always make sure to get the shots you want of your day.

I love having a bit of fun with the photographs I take and if there’s anything special you want just let me know. There have been a few Photoshop specials, including a zombie group shot.

I’ll meet with you before the day, as many times as you want, to get to know you and what you want from your photographs and I’m always on the end of a phone or an email away if you want to ask anything or have a chat.

I’ll visit the venue long before your wedding to check the best places for photographs and if you want to we’ll go to the venue together and take a few pre-wedding photographs so we know what to expect on the day and you can have those as well.

I prefer to use available light where possible, after all a candle lit dinner should look like a candle lit dinner, but I’m pretty handy with a flash when it’s needed.