Julie & Raith

Julie & Raith were married and had their reception in the Tudor Great Barn in Old Basing. ┬áIt’s a gorgeous venue with lot’s of Wow factor.

Basing House was the seat of Sir William Paulet, the first Marquess of Winchester and Lord Treasurer of England. The Great Barn was built in 1536 in preparation for a visit by King Henry VIII. It was designed to store the wheat and barley needed to provide his huge entourage with bread and ale. (source great barns.org.uk)

It’s hard to portray the scale of the building in a photograph and the amazing beams of the queen post truss roof.


Sometimes you just know that some things are meant to be and Julie & Raith are proof of that. They first met on a blind date, organised by Raith’s house mate Niki, but only Raith knew it was a date. It was a fancy dress party and Julie arrived dressed as a Chucky Doll from the Childs Play movies. Raith was dressed in a Snowman costume which was see through but he was prepared for that with a matching pair of Snowman underpants, they didn’t hit it off and went their separate ways.

A few years later they met up again without the costumes and went on a date they both knew about, three years later they married with their beautiful daughter Seren at their wedding, I love a happy ending.


Raith celebrated his Scottish Heritage and the men rocked the Kilt look on the day.