Laura And Chris

Laura and Chris got married in Basingstoke Registry Office and had their reception at the Red Lion Hotel.

Photography – CathyG Photography
DJ – Gary @ Shakermaker
Laura’s Hair by Laurie and Ellen at Halo Hair and Beauty
Cake by Angela and Jen at Cakey Pigg Originals Cake
Venue Decoration by Neal and his team at The Red Lion Hotel Basingstoke
Laura and the Bridesmaids hair accessories were from Glitzy Secrets
Laura’s Bouquet from a vendor on Etsy
Laura made a lot of her own DIY accessories like her shoes, card box and pinwheels and decorations and used eBay for the  supplies


Although they had mutual friends they had never met in real life until social media helped things along when Laura added Chris on her MySpace page after watching his band play. After chatting online for a while they finally met and became a couple.

They’d been together for 8 years when they got married and had already decided to get engaged but it was still up to Chris to decide when and how to pop the question. Chris surprised Laura one one evening when they were snuggled up enjoying a night in together, army rolled off the bed, got down on one knee and said lots of lovely things which made Laura cry (in a good way) and, of course, she said yes.

Both Laura and Chris are keen gamers and movie buffs so the theme for the day was a mixture of all the things they love. Portal, Superheroes and Zombies and it worked brilliantly, I don’t think I’ve had as much fun on a Wedding shoot before or since. They even had a Portal Gun to ‘cut’ the cake with. The theme was very personal to them and Laura said she was a bit worried people would be bored and/or put off by their personal touches, but there was no need for her to be. The people that were there love them and they were there for Laura and Chris as a celebration of their love and everyone had a blast.

Laura’s advice ….

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for their photos on their big day?
Choose someone you are comfortable with to take your photographs, as they will be in your face allllll day. Make sure you are clear about what you are expecting as the end product. Have fun!

What did you like/dislike about the schedule of photos?
We wanted quite a candid style so whipped through the portraits and group shots and relied on Cathy to capture some great moments, which she did. Chris doesn’t like having his photo taken at all so he did have to grin and bear it a bit with the constant snapping, I on the other hand relished it!

Any tips for other couples on how to prepare for their wedding photos?
Make a list of all the group shot combinations you need to capture and give it to someone who knows most of the guests so they can help herd everyone in the right direction

Any tips on what to bring?
Make up touch up kit and a hairbrush. Tissues!

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other couples for planning their wedding day?
Figure out how much you can afford to spend, then make a list of priorities and divide the budget amongst them, there are usually ways to cut costs on everything so do it on the parts that you don’t see that are as important as others and splash out on the bits you get most excited about. Don’t question your personal choices and be swayed by what’s ‘traditional’ have the day that you and your fiancé want and everything else will fall into place.


And when you know they love Zombies, there’s always time for a bit of photoshop fun…